The Terror

Dreadlock Combs and the Terror From Beyond (Part 1)

DreadlockDreadlock Combs was finally relaxing  by catching up on some reading when he was interrupted by Dr. Picke. “Combs, you have a urgent call from inspector Dragon of Scotland Yard.” Dr. Picke handed Combs the phone, “Good day inspector” Combs greeted Inspector  Dragon. “Dreadlock this was a matter of great importance”  explained Inspector Dragon and asked for an audience with Dreadlock post haste. Combs noted an unusual hint of distress in the inspector’s voice that was slightly out of character for him, but reacted with his usual tact by saying “I’ll arrive within the hour”.
Upon arriving at Scotland Yard Inspector Dragon  explain to Combs and Dr. Picke that a mysterious robbery had taken place at the prestigious British Library. That the Priceless Leonardo da Vinci Codex Arundei Book Treasures have been stolen and two guards wereLeonardo da Vinci Codex Arundei Book Treasures brutally dispatched in the process. None of the numerous security cameras recorded anything except the guards demise and the books floating through the air and disappearing . “It seems that an invisible force conducted the deed,” Inspector Dragon noted, “the dastardly robbery has puzzled and terrified the staff at the library.” Combs replied “as well they should be”.
Mona LisaSuddenly  Inspector Dragon was interrupted by a knock on his door and entered Officer Wilson, he  handed the inspector a report. “My word” Dragon exclaimed, ” the French  Musee du Louvre has just sent an alert that a theft of the Mona Lisa has occurred”
Combs asked, “what was the M.O. of the theft”. Inspector  Dragon gasped, “the exact same as the English Library, there were cameras everywhere and once again cameras recorded the grisly scene of the guards demise. The picture just floated out and disappeared.”
“Ghastly”, sighed Dr. Picke “and not a witness or clue?.”  “Dr. Picke” stated Combs,”let’s contact Mrs. Gardner to help coordinate this investigation.” It seems as if relax time is over for Dreadlock Combs. (To be Continued)…..

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